The Top 3 Quality Long Sleeves to Print On

High Quality Long Sleeves

Printing on High Quality Long Sleeves

Our intention with this article is to help you find the Best Quality Long Sleeves T shirt that is soft, comfortable and fashionable.

We focused on finding the best long sleeves that are out right now and that meet our high quality and durability standards for printing.

In our review we paid close attention to the weight of the material as well as the construction, shape, style and feel. These elements are very important in creating and building a brand that your customers will appreciate as well as stand out in quality.

Great Quality and Durability.

We’ve printed, pressed and passed thousands of shirts through 320+ degree heat and found the long sleeve shirts mentioned in this article to handle the pressure well and still look good after washing.

Out of 10 different long sleeves shirt we’ve reviewed, we found the three long sleeves that meet our high quality standards with soft fabrics and the look and appeal of a quality garment.

Here they are, from Good to Great the top 3 high quality blank Long Sleeve t shirts you can use to print on.


 3. Anvil Midweight Long Sleeve 784

Quality Blank Long Sleeves Anvil

The Anvil 784 midweight is 100% pre-shrunk cotton, weighing in at 5.4 oz. The first thing that stood out to me was the soft yet weighty material. You can see right away that this long sleeve feels soft and is a decent quality.

The cotton material is dense yet smooth and soft to the touch, this makes for a great printing surface for plastisol and water based inks.

The Anvil Midweight 784 also comes with a super convenient Tear Away Label which makes the Anvil 784 one of our favorite shirts to use when printing size labels for t shirts.

Most Long Sleeves and other apparel have their own tag label sewn in the material making it more of a challenge to remove. Other brands come with an easy tear away label that leaves your shirt intact without damaging the material when detaching for print.

I would categorize the Anvil 784 long sleeve under the skater / athletic brand because of its structure and look. The cut and style of the shirt is boxy with a relaxed sleeve fit. Not too loose or tight on the body.

The Anvil 784 Long sleeve fits perfect for my size. I wear a Medium at a 5’7″ height and the length of the sleeves come with just about 2 inches of extra material, perfect for those with a longer arm reach.

The color options is the only complaint when reviewing the Anvil 784. With only 7 different colors to choose from, the Anvil Midweight 784 is limited in color selection, this means matching your logo to a light or Summer Color is out of the question.

Only dark neutral colors with the Anvil Midweight 784 long sleeve, but don’t panic. If you’re looking for bright colors the Comfort Colors Heavyweight 6040 is a better option for this. Overall the Anvil Midweight Long Sleeve 784 is Soft, Comfortable and reasonably priced for the Quality / Price ratio.

Compared to the other three premium long sleeve mentioned in this article the Anvil comes in at third place.



2. Comfort Colors Heavyweight 6014

Quality Blank Long Sleeves Comfort Colors

The most original color options and the heaviest material has to go to the Comfort Colors 6014. Weighing in at 6.1 oz the Comfort Colors Heavyweight 6014 is the thickest out of the other two long sleeves mentioned in this post.

A pre-shrunk 100%  ringspun cotton long sleeve t-shirt that is unique in its natural color options it offers.

With a thick soft cotton vintage look and a modern style the 6014 long sleeve, fits in the Yoga / Bohemian style cut and vibe for this long sleeve shirt. A Premium brand like the Comfort Colors 6014 is priced higher than both long sleeve shirts mentioned in this article.

The fabric however and attention to detail is what makes this long sleeve a premium brand, because of the high standard of quality in the manufacturing and construction.

The bummer is that the tag is not a tear away like the Anvil 784, but it’s pretty easy to tear away without damaging or loosening up any of the stitching on the collar.

The only thing that we didn’t like is the price of the Comfort Colors Long Sleeve, that said if great quality is what you’re looking for that feels like no other shirt, the comfort colors comes in second place. Although the Comfort Color Long Sleeve looks and feels quite unique from other shirts you still have to factor in the print cost and set up fees when going to production.

I would consider the Comfort Color Long Sleeve 6014 only as a Limited Edition type of shirt for those special releases and or a special catalog edition where only a few get printed and are sold at a higher price point then the average premium shirt.

With over 31 colors to choose from the Comfort Colors 6014 Long Sleeve has plenty of options to use as a blank canvas for any color combinations you can creatively come up with .

The fitting and length is perfect for my size, I wear a size medium at 5’7″. Overall if were to classify this shirt I would place this long sleeve in the High End Hippy / Yoga / Surf Apparel for its coziness and natural feel. The colors are a vintage bohemian classic that look fresh and clean.


 1.  Bella Canvas Long Sleeve Jersey 3501

Quality Blank Long Sleeves Bella Canvas

If you’re looking for a Soft,  Silky, Light Weight long Sleeve then the Bela Canvas Long Sleeve Jersey 3501 is an excellent pick. Flexible in materials super smooth and comfy the Bella Canvas 3501 almost feels like a sport shirt but with a casual sense of style.

The Bella Canvas Long Sleeve 3501 comes in multiple blends like the Tri-blend 52/48 combed ringspun cotton and polyester blends, 90 /10 Cotton/ polyester and 100% cotton.

Over 18 color to choose from, mostly in earth tones and dark Colors, the Bella Canvas 3501 offers a basic color palette.

When compared in a fitting test, the fit and style of the Bella Canvas 3501 hugs the body a bit tighter than the rest of the long sleeve shirts mentioned in this post.

The length in the sleeves and torso are just right not too long and not too short not too baggy and comfortable to wear as an under shirt.

At 4.2 oz  with the 100% Cotton shirts and a 3.8 oz with the triblend makes the Bella Canvas 3501 the lightest long Sleeve mentioned in this post. Fine Quality at a fair price and super soft materials make the Bella Canvas 3501 our favorite long sleeve shirt to wear and print on.

If you would like to place an order for any of these shirts you can do so by clicking on any of the links provided and selecting your pieces through our online catalog. We do have a minimum purchase order of 12 pieces if you would like to test any of our shirt that we have available.

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