Do You Provide T Shirt Printing Services?

Yes, we do. Our minimum purchase order for custom printed t shirt starts at 34 pieces.

We also provide large format printing for Banners, Advertising Flags, Custom Printed Table Cloths and Event tents for public promotions. 

For Apparel Printing we can print up to 7 colors at one time with an automatic press.

For all of our other products like Standing Banners and Table Covers, we print full color using Sublimation Permanent Print.


Do you Have Order Minimums?

Yes, we do have minimums for printed and blank apparel samples.

For custom printed t-shirts, our minimum quantity starts at 34 pieces per design.

Our minimum for blank t-shirts is 12 items.


Do You Ship International?

Not at this moment in time. We are only able to ship within the U.S.



How Can I Get A Quote For T Shirt Printing, What do I Need To Get Started? 


  1. Please provide the number of t-shirts you want to print.

     2. The brand of Shirt you would like to print.

     3. The Color of t shirt you would like to print.

     4. The size breakdown of t shirts you would like to print.

     5. How many colors to be printed on the shirt.

     6. Print locations eg:, Front Chest Full or Left Chest Pocket Print.

If you would like a quote, you can email us at